It's all around us
can't disregard it
Lick, suck, push luck
No need to wrap up
won't piss in a cup
Tell him, "bathroom"
"It's in the fourth stall
with the carved hole"
Don't know his name
but I know the taste, so

I don't want a word how
you wanna play it safe now
Don't care how it works out
Wanna be inside now
He won't hear the word now
Forces you to get down
I don't want a word how
You want it all to end now

When they said
they're thrill-seeking
& pleasure feeling
No appointments
Not what you know
& not when you go
for the rest of time
Won't live, can't die
Can't compare this
to skydiving
or even coal mining


from Extraordinary Renditions (Expanded), released December 2, 2016



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The Deepsea Goes Los Angeles

A pretty loud band.

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