Worship The Future

by The Deepsea Goes



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released June 26, 2012

Paul Michael White Jr. // Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Janine Leilani White // Drums

Transnational Debate TRD-012

Recorded in the summer of 2011 in El Sereno, CA.

Tracks 1-3 vocals recorded on 06/06/2012 in Los Angeles, CA.

Tracks 4 & 5 vocals recorded on 03/16/2013 in Green Valley, CA

Tracks 1-3 Mixed & Mastered by Paul Michael White Jr. on 01/28/2013

Tracks 4 & 5 Mixed & Mastered by Paul Michael White Jr. on 03/16/2013

Published by Transnational Debate (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Deepsea Goes Los Angeles

A pretty loud band.


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Track Name: What
What has come & what has gone
between our fears
Held us back & held us down
so many years
Choose to fight & Choose a life
that's out of bounds
Slept in cars & floors of bars
in empty towns
The city we left behind
The good they won't survive
this dark & lonely drive
with bastards on the rise
Wrote us off & wrote us up
a thousand fees
Trained us right & trained us well
a hive a bees
Credit owed & credit due
we swim in it
Loan us out & loan us free
evenly split
Track Name: Are
Are you alive out there?
Walking in the night
Laying out spread & bare
don't put up a fight
Are you ashamed?
Are you just cold?
Are you bitter towards
the men to whom your body is sold?
It's coming quick
She only comes alone
She lives by the hour
always on the clock
Part time work went sour
waiting for a knock
No one's to blame
No one can know
all the empty motions
you go through as the night unfolds
It never ends
She only comes alone
Track Name: You
You say love's measured by
distance & time
divided by our lives
Two lover's in the night
have to decide
where their future should lie
Don't need to resist
a finite time
Don't need to surface
from shallow dives
Don't need to exist
in separate lives
Don't need to be kissed
to know you're right
You say that heaven's cracked
follow the light
we'll sneak into the back
Bathed in white light you laugh
sprawled out, relaxed
You know our lives can't last
Track Name: Waiting
Waiting for the sun to rise
when your train will come
Silence between us so light
carried by the dust
Our bodies both stand still
Promise to keep in touch
Don't think we can or will
It just won't be enough
Wave a last goodbye to this
as train whistles whine
Station empties out a bit
Now the sun burns white
Paralyzed by the fear
Knowing from here on out
anyone that comes near
is never near enough
Track Name: For?
For all our efforts
bigger than the sum
Time will slow down
Car moves at a crawl
engine's heating up
Coast down that hill
Know that you might die
does she even know?
All hands on deck
Watch the dashboard lights
shoulder seems so far
Heart skips a beat
We'll wait days for
something's gotta give
if we want to
Can't wait no more
Waiting for the night
& one final
The stores are all closed
No sign of return
Light snow falls now
Gas station milkshakes
No one's at the pump
One lone street light
Hotel TV's on
Room is bathed in blue
Sleep just won't come
Sent to the junkyard
tails between our legs
Get out of here
Race the night home
never going back
running on the
No one will know
pieces of a man
taken to the