by The Deepsea Goes

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released August 18, 2009

Paul Michael White Jr. // Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Organ
Janine Leilani White // Drums

Transnational Debate TRD-008

Recorded in the summer of 2009 in San Pedro, CA.

Additional vocals on track 7 recorded on 03/13/2013.

Mixed & Mastered by Paul Michael White Jr. on 03/20/2013

Published by Transnational Debate (ASCAP)



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The Deepsea Goes Los Angeles

A pretty loud band.

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Track Name: There Is No Up
Wake up buried
Wake up blind
Blankets of dirt
Sliver of light
Pieces of buildings
litter the road
once flooded with
cancer of man
Cracked pavement
eating itself
Been gutted
hollowed out
Track Name: There Is No Space
I push through walls now
have to get out
of this town
Watch this buliding in the wind will fall down
gather around
I can tell you from the way it falls now
things worked out
There's windows & walls
we can take them
take them for our own now
There's nothing in the sky, it turns brown
look around
Watch the way it wears the flames like a crown
ash rains down
See the beauty in the way it burns now
into the ground
Track Name: There Is No Elevator
We trudge through these streets
where the dead have no shame
Keep on ignoring something
but it won't go away
Challenged by time
Bound to our faith
Moving on one line
Travel opposite ways
Choose the night
Find some place
These last rites
lost their way
Now you're sitting by the exit door
Must ensure a quick escape
Not looking for anything in particular
Not looking for anything in particular
We fall up the steps
& climb through the air
Hold onto the assumption
that it gets easier
Condemned to flesh
Martyred by faith
Move until there's light
Haven't seen it for days
All turns white
Hear the sound
Must mean this
is the place
Track Name: There Is No Home
We can buy buy up this place
Tear it down, burn what remains
These old decrepit homes
get in the way
of stores & parking lots
They must be paved
Seek out asylum now
Never feel safe
We must address this town
Where can we stay?
Track Name: There Is No Weight
Balance all you've lost
Pressure to recoup it all
Floats with the albatross
Sea of worthless stones
They'll hang an anchor on your home
Cashed out, pay the tax
Fight for significance
Track Name: There Is No Stop
Track Name: There Is No Start
The snow moves
like clusters of bugs
Dawn is here again
spinning around
Nails in his arms
sun in his face
keep it down
Nails in his back
work through the pain
wears him out
The dead walk
troll through town
Target your fears
sell your pain
One last move
end of the game
Her heart back
hold it
Track Name: There Is No Light
Metal birds dropping men
Dogs trained to pick up scent
The tide swept away your tracks
Found a way out of here
Skin wrinkles & cracks
Just seeking out
some piece of mind
Dizzy wind pulls you out
Black night obscures your path
Rich with sense of purpose
Found a way out of here
Taken to the sea
At least you're free
Track Name: There Is No Death
Street sign mortality
marks where you lived
Still power lines
wade through buttery fog
Balancing light
Yellow Oblivion
Salt taste, perspiration
Lips chapped white
Your fragile eyes
witness debris of man
This garbage tomb
Curtains stained black
Track Name: There Is No End
Track Name: There Is No Time
As the city grows smaller
& your gaze starts to drift
Effigy burns
above an ocean
of false idols
Hopeless dogmas
There's nothing more than this
chain necklace of moments
Scent of defeat
Head bows slightly
the form gives way
glowing embers
There's no reason
to feel sorry
was intended
to end like this