Extraordinary Renditions (Expanded)

by The Deepsea Goes



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released December 2, 2016

Vocals, Guitar, Bass // Paul Michael White Jr.
Drums // Janine Leilani White

Tracks 1-6 recorded in June, 2008 in San Pedro, CA.
Tracks 7-12 recorded in the spring of 2007 in San Pedro, CA.

Published by Transnational Debate (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


The Deepsea Goes Los Angeles

A pretty loud band.

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Track Name: Get The Net
It's all around us
can't disregard it
Lick, suck, push luck
No need to wrap up
won't piss in a cup
Tell him, "bathroom"
"It's in the fourth stall
with the carved hole"
Don't know his name
but I know the taste, so

I don't want a word how
you wanna play it safe now
Don't care how it works out
Wanna be inside now
He won't hear the word now
Forces you to get down
I don't want a word how
You want it all to end now

When they said
they're thrill-seeking
& pleasure feeling
No appointments
Not what you know
& not when you go
for the rest of time
Won't live, can't die
Can't compare this
to skydiving
or even coal mining
Track Name: Gauze For Alarm
For this minute
I lose my dinner
They set the trap
Say, "You're a beginner"

Safe for sometime
Your arms they bind
Can't reach for nothing
just watch the night sky

I dream for a week
but some last months
I slept on the sidewalk
Outside her house

Why take your time?
Track Name: I'm Really Good At Secreting
The sea has eaten my sole friend
I wonder where he rests his head
Below is where I bet he's sent
to feast on sin like all the rest
They'll tell him every place he's been
He'll meet a woman without a head
She'll keep him tightly to her breast
Together they will build a nest
The flames will burn up to their necks
To remain in the last place that he went

The letter's finally been sent
His mother mourns for days on end
Looks above for something heaven sent
She can't forget all the words he said
but surely none of it he meant
Looking down now at unmade beds
Can't bear to see all that's left
Silence will fill all that is left
Track Name: It Isn't Gay If You Use A Condom
Hotels & city streets
are where we meet
Waiting on Broadway
& 17th

Take you up on going down
Coming down while walkin' round

Bearded lips & tongues
on your thighs
Rough hands of businessmen
& normal guys

Wasted in the streets
all the time
Wasted half your rent
with these men
Track Name: Legitimate Rape In The Key Of Ceelo
Pursue ugly nights
Purchase your drinks in fives
There's no one left here
so let's order more
& see what luck we find

Driving down the street
from the cigarette bar
Can't refuse
just get in the car
Choose between
summer & fall
Feel your inseam

Lose your shirt tonight
Lost it every time
There's nothing left here
So go for one more
& leave just in time

Falling off the stool
at the bar
Hand up her skirt
in the car
She's passed out
in the stall
Can't remember
what no one saw
Track Name: We Don't Live Here Anymore
Washing your mouth out with turpentine
Wishing that I would decide to just sit
Shaving all the hair that's on your head
Brush it side to side til nothing's left

Sleeping on the floor next to the bed
Laying on your side amidst circuits
Watching as your eyes focus to see
the sun bright on the wall that the clock sits

Let us drown
in one horse town

Scratching the scabs off while they're lingering
Listen to all the sounds that I won't miss
Spent one last night in this white abyss
We were eaten alive by lice & ticks

No more sound
Laying face down